2K Games introduced the locker codes and the famous 1992 basketball dream team

Basketball fans all around the world are so excited right now following the recent press release from 2K Games confirming that the US Olympic Team is included in the NBA 2K17. Furthermore, for all fans who purchase the pre order will acquire the famous 1992 basketball squad. However, the hype train doesn’t stop at this point. NBA 2K17 locker codes are the latest spotlight in the town.

2K Games’ spokesperson, Ronnie 2K, revealed the locker codes feature in the upcoming NBA 2K17 via twitter. He says that NBA 2K17 locker codes come up together with Free Agents Card as bundled items. For the new gamers or fans whose doesn’t quite familiar with the locker codes feature, basically, they are implemented in the game to improve the gaming experience. It will enchant the game and bring your gaming experience to the next level where you can get maximum fun. Sure there will be a lot of exciting and awesome things to do with locker codes and free agent cards.

The rumor says that the NBA 2K17 locker codes will come earlier than the game official release date on 20th September. However, don’t put your hope to high regarding this issue since there is not official statement from 2K Games yet to approve it existence.

The famous USA basketball team from 1992 or known as the basketball dream team in history also make the debut in the upcoming NBA 2K17 game. It’s already an official feature since the news came from the 2K Games official Twitter. Moreover, 2K Games also released a photo of the team along with the newest USA Olympic Team. Notice that the Dream Team can be unlocked if you pre-ordered the game. In addition, the pre-ordered version also allowed the gamers to customize their USAB MyPlayer jersey accordingly.