The Agario Skins for Advance Player

There are several type of the Agario skins that available for you, some skins may free for you but the other skin is not free. If you want to use Agario skins you should pay for it, but if you want to purchase some skins you should have a credit card or PayPal account. There are 2 type of skins that available for the skilled and advanced player.

  • Moderate price

This type is not free you should purchase if you want to use these skin. The price range of the moderate skins is around 1190 to 2950 coins. It’s really expensive but actually it’s worth because you will get the rare skins. You will get these skin: Black hole, Uranus, Star ball, target, galaxy, breakfast,Starun, Pluto, Hot dog, Heart, Mouse, Wolf, Goldfish, Piggie, Blueberry, Bomb, Bowling, Candy, Frog, Hamburger, Nose, Seal, Panda, Pizza Snowman, Sun, Baseballor, Baskettball are usually good players. You can choose your favorite one, which one do you like and which one is unique and suitable with you personality.

  • Pricy skins, it is really expensive the price is around 3150 coins up to 4950 coins. This skins is for the skilled player. Because of this skin is very expensive if your are newbie or beginner I’m not suggest you to buy this skin. First, there is no use of using the excellent or good skins if your skill is none. The variant of these skins is include: Bug, Cloud, Moo, Tomato, Mushroom, Donuts, Terrible, Ghost, Apple Face, Turtle, Brofist, Puppy, Footprint, Pineapple, Zebra, Toon, Octopus or Radar skin.

You can choose your favorite graphic as your cell skins. Because of there are so many variant you should choose wisely and think before you choose. Keep hunting and eating cells!