Coffee Grinder

Buying your favorite coffee is one thing. Making it yourself is another. It gives more satisfaction as you can fine tune the taste yourself. There are many steps in making coffee and one of the most important steps in making coffee is the grinding.

Coffee grinding

How important is coffee grinding? Very important. Coffee grinding affects the taste of the coffee. There are four methods of coffee grinding. They are pounding, chopping, roller grinding and burr grinding. Just like the methods, there is also many kinds of coffee grinding tools too. And yes, coffee grinding tool evolves from time to time. From simple grinding tools like the wheel to today’s electronic coffee grinder (เครื่องบดกาแฟ).

How coffee grinding affects the taste of the coffee

We mentioned earlier that coffee grinding affects the taste of the coffee. If you are wondering how, here is the explanation.

The grind fineness affects the brewing. To get the right taste, you need to grind it properly. Without a proper grinding, the taste of the coffee can go wrong. For instance, if the beans are too rough or coarse, they will have weak taste when they are brewed. When this happen, you have to add more beans to give it taste. The opposite is also true. If the beans are too finely ground, they will give over-extracted, bitter and harsh taste.

That is how coffee grinding affects the taste of the coffee. Remember this information so you can make your favorite coffee.

Want your perfect coffee? Do it yourself

That’s right. You should make it yourself to get the right taste. But, in order to do that, you will need a coffee grinder. Just like anything else in life, you need the best tool to deliver the best result. In this case, you will need the best coffee grinder. If you’re looking for one, you can go to this site