How do your Dropbox work?

There are two ways for you to connect to Dropbox. First, you can log in via the website and manage your files second, you can download the application and install the free application on your computer, Mac or even your smartphone. This application helps you to sync the files on your devices with your devices. Here the steps how to make an account, how to download the desktop app for Mac.

  • Sign up for Dropbox, you can go to on your desktop and click the sign-up Fill all the requirement with name and your email address. And then you should make and select a strong password.
  • Install the app, once you sign up Dropbox will ask you to choose a plan. The desktop application installer will download to your computer. Start the installer, let it run and log in when prompted. The desktop app adds a new folder with the Dropbox logo to your system. Now if your account is created and the Dropbox is installed on your computer, now you’re ready to share your files with the others.
  • Log in and share. The first time you log in to Dropbox, you see a welcome message that invites you to complete a series of tasks to earn additional storage space. If you want to share your files just click “share a folder or files with friends and colleagues”.

There is a way for you to if you want to delete or here the steps how to uninstall Dropbox on Mac: Quit Dropbox (you should click Dropbox icon from the menu bar, click on the gear icon, then you choose “Quit Dropbox) > After you finish, drag and drop Dropbox to the trash from your Application Folder> Empty your trash > Yap, you’re done and you have already uninstalled your Dropbox.