Small Summary of ReLIFE

Relife is a story that tells about a jobless man named Kaizaki. He feels bad and hopeless because he doesn't find any job. Every interview in certain company, he is the failure. Of course, it is not easy to run the days without having a job. Kaizaki is in 27 years old. Of course, in his age, he should have a good job so he can run the days happily. But, the fact is not like that.

Someday, Kaizaki meets the mysterious man. The name of him is Yoake Ryo. The fact, Ryo is a man that works in Relife Institution. Ryo asks to Kaizaki for becoming the experiment of Relife. There is a drug that can change him becoming younger. Even, he can be 17 years old. It is 10 years younger than the fact. Kaizaki agrees with it. Then, he should become a student in senior high school.

Coming back to a normal student is not as easy as imagine. He should try the days normally like his friends in the school. The period of the experiment is for about 1 year. After that, Kaizaki will get the great thing. His life will be covered by ReLIFE institution.

The reasons for reading ReLife

ReLife is a great manga. There are some reasons why you need to read it. Those are because funny, lighthearted, exciting, character development and the story line continuous. You will read the unique life in the senior high school that is run by Kaizaki. There will be some funny moments that make you laugh.

This manga will entertain you completely. Every chapter should be finished. That's all about the small summary of ReLIFE. It is the really interesting story for you. It is a kind of the funny and lighthearted manga. Don't miss it. Thanks for your attention.