Carrageenan and Its Specification

As the thickening agent in place of petrochemical and animal-based products, this substance is also widely used. A product of red seaweed, FMC’s carrageenan is kosher, halal, and vegan and it is safe and suitable for consumption. All of its statement is based on the US Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organization agree.

Carrageenan's Characteristic

Studies about Carrageenan

Although you may not have heard of the name carrageenan, most probably you have taken part in the ingestion of this product. Carrageenan is an extremely common fiber that is contained within most, if not every type of food product nowadays. This solution has been gaining a bad reputation recently because of the irresponsible rumor that claims carrageenan is dangerous for a person’s health.

Some Studies about Carrageenan’s Safety for Consumption

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