What You Should Know about Carrageenan Cancer

It is true that it is not a Carrageenan cancer that you should call like that. The fact is that the carrageenan is a safe food ingredient is true. What makes the damage for our body is when you consume the poligeenan the type of the carrageenan which made from the harmful process and it is actually different from the carrageenan. So is it true that the carrageenan will not cause any damage even cancer for our body? Let’s find out the answer here.

What they so-called carrageenan cancer is

They usually call carrageenan cancer because the people already assume that carrageenan will harm our body and cause cancer. Well, this is actually quite not true because many types of research that they made are basically using the poligeenan one and it is not for food. It is different from the carrageenan which is actually for food ingredients.

What makes them call that the carrageenan is the harm one is because they assume that it is the same as acarcinogen. Well, let me tell you one more time that carcinogen is not carrageenan. The one that is possible with the carcinogen is the poligeenan one which you already knew that it is totally different with the carrageenan?Even the FDA itself allows this component in our food ingredients. So you don’t need to worry anymore because it won’t harm your body even not causing cancer.

Besides, there are lots of good benefits that you can get from this food ingredient especially for you vegan. This will be good to replace the gelatin and make you feel no worry in consuming a food. Even it is also used in ice cream and toothpaste as the thickener.

So once you read this information now you can understand feel no worry eating this food product, right?