Paul du Toit

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Keynote Titles

Which bird are you? (Social styles)

Company conferences, team gatherings, workshop value-add. Ideal for teams that work and communicate with customers and one another

Social Styles
Birds learn to co-exist with other birds in their environment, much like we do. Different kinds of birds represent specific Social Styles. This fun talk shows us how to temporarily adapt our social style to interact more purposefully and positively getting results and win-win outcomes from our communication with others.
Bright colour visuals, humour and light hearted delivery
In person or online
90-120 minutes

Executive / management breakaway or teams needing innovation & reset

Innovation & change

Historical and modern examples describe how taking a radically different approach results in new desired outcomes being forged.

Keynote – storytelling, visuals & oratory
In person or online
40-60 minutes

Mindset shift (Agility, flexibility)

Growth mindset (Learning, opportunity)

Executive management breakaway. Teams requiring a learning, listening & growing culture

Improvement, lateral thinking & creativity

There are several: the butter spread in the fridge, puberty and scuba diving with sharks.

Keynote, storytelling, visuals & oratory. Instinctive learning & breaking stereotypes

Yes – can be included


40 minutes

Company conference, XC seminars, customer facing departments, sales

Service culture. Service is a behaviour cemented in personal values and attitude.
Customisable. Stories and anecdotes are selected according to the client’s context.
Stories, anecdotes, visuals (optional)

Yes – can be included?

In person or online
40-60 minutes

Great service is profitable (CX, service)

In for the long run (Preseverance, discipline)

Company conference, management, entrepreneurs, sales
The value of discipline and perseverance are the key learning points.
Lessons from long distance running
Stories, anecdotes, visuals

Yes – can be included

In person or online
40-50 minutes

Speaker conventions, writers forums, english language events

Good content can be made for more interesting.
Use of famous speeches to demonstrate classical rhetoric.
Speeches, classical rhetoric. Some visuals

Yes – can be included

Online / remote

40 minutes

Spice up your speech (Speaking, rhetoric)